How long is a degree in Turkey

How long is a degree in Turkey

University And Program Diversity

Turkish universities open their doors for annual applications for study starting in April, as the interest of students worldwide in Turkey has increased due to its academic excellence and advanced educational resources. In this blog, we will provide all the details about university education in Turkey and the number of months of study in Turkey. We will start by answering the question: How long is a degree in Turkey?

How long is a degree in Turkey?

The academic year in Turkey is divided into two semesters: the fall semester and the spring semester. The academic year typically starts mid-September or early October and continues until June. The first semester (fall semester) starts in mid-September or early October and ends in January.

Following the end of the first semester, there is a mid-year break, which usually lasts about two weeks. Afterward, the spring semester begins at the end of January or early February and continues until June. A long summer break follows the spring semester. In total, the number of months of study in Turkey ranges from 8 to 9 months.

Turkish universities often open their application forms for undergraduate students starting in April to begin their studies in the fall semester. The application period may vary from one university to another depending on the university’s needs, as available study seats can fill up quickly. Therefore, students should keep track of the university’s website, prepare their documents, and watch for the opening of university registrations. As for graduate students, Turkish universities often offer opportunities for them to enroll in graduate programs during both semesters.

Duration of Studying in Turkey

Turkey’s years of study vary depending on the educational level. Professional diploma programs typically last for two academic years. The study duration for undergraduate programs in all disciplines generally is four years, except for medical specialties. The study duration for dentistry and pharmacy is five years, while human medicine requires six years, including a mandatory internship year.

Master’s programs in Turkey are divided into two types:

  • Master’s programs with a thesis or research paper typically last two years, culminating in submitting an original thesis or research paper.
  • Master’s programs are non-thesis or research papers and typically last for a year and a half, with students completing a graduation project at the end.
  • Ph.D. program, the highest academic degree that can be obtained, the study duration at Turkish universities is typically about four years.

The Turkish Education System

Turkey offers international students various options to begin their studies, including scholarships funded by the Turkish government and self-funded enrollment in Turkish public and private universities.

The Turkish education system follows the Bologna Process, ensuring a high-quality academic education at all Turkish higher education institutions. Turkey also implements the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which is used in all higher education institutions in European countries.

Why Do Many International Students Choose to Study in Turkey?

Studying in Turkey has become a popular choice for many students worldwide due to its many advantages, including:

  • Modern university campuses and a unique university life.
  • Diverse fields of study and academic programs.
  • Ease of enrollment in Turkish private universities.
  • Internationally recognized university degrees, accepted in many European and Arab countries.
  • The option for international students to study in English at Turkish private universities.
  • A vibrant student life with numerous activities and events.
  • Learning in a multicultural environment.
  • An opportunity to visit important historical landmarks and enjoy Turkey’s natural beauty.
  • Reasonable and affordable tuition and living costs for many international students.

Steps you should follow to apply to Study in Turkey

If you are thinking of studying in Turkey, follow these steps:

  • Learn more about the admission requirements of various universities.
  • Choose your major and the university you want to apply to.
  • Prepare your official documents and paperwork.
  • Fill out the application forms for the universities you wish to study at.
  • Submit the required documents and paperwork.
  • Ensure you have options for accommodation and health insurance in Turkey.
  • Apply for a student visa, and finally, apply for a residence permit in Turkey.

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