Study in English at the Turkish Universities

Study in English at the Turkish Universities

University And Program Diversity

Turkey is home to universities known for their educational quality, welcoming students for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. When you enter one of the Turkish universities, the first thing that catches your attention is the large number of international students, from the United States to China, from France to South Korea. When you ask these international students why they prefer Turkish universities, the answer is clear: high-quality education and the use of modern technological applications in teaching. Additionally, the most important reason is the opportunity to study in Turkey in English as the primary language of instruction in various fields.

Can you study in English English at the Turkish Universities?

Most students, when considering studying abroad, often think about mastering the English language for learning and communicating with people from different nationalities. English is a global language spoken by various nationalities for communication. Therefore, Turkish universities offer multiple programs in English in various fields to meet students’ desires to study in Turkey in English.

Turkish universities also have a range of foreign professors proficient in speaking and teaching in English; they come from the United States, England, and many other European countries.

How can you study in Turkey in English?

You can study various academic disciplines in English in Turkey. Students choose to study in English during the university registration process and must provide a certificate of English language proficiency as part of their application. However, suppose the student does not provide a language certificate. In that case, they may need to take a university-administered English proficiency test to determine their English language level before starting their studies. If students achieve an acceptable score according to the university’s standards, they can commence their specialization directly. However, if the student does not score well on the test, they will need to complete a preparatory year of English language study before beginning their specialization. Typically, the tuition fees for the preparatory year are similar to the annual tuition fees for the specialization.

Do Turkish government universities teach in English?

Turkish government universities are distinguished institutions that offer advanced higher education, and some of them have achieved global rankings. However, most Turkish government universities do not teach in English, as the primary language of instruction in most institutions is Turkish. This contrasts with private Turkish universities, which offer many English-language programs.

Important specializations available for study in English in Turkey:

Medical: Human Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy

Engineering: Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Architecture, Computer Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Management: Business Administration, Information Systems Management, Economics, Political Science, International Trade

Fine Arts: Cinema and Television, Theater, Culinary Arts and Cooking, Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, and Textiles

Social Sciences: Psychology, Philosophy, History, Sociology

Cost of studying in Turkey in English:

The cost of studying in Turkey in English varies from one university to another and depends on the specialization and academic level. However, as a general guideline, the cost of studying in English at Turkish private universities is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: $2,600 per year
  • Master’s Degree: $2,100 per program
  • Doctoral Degree: $8,000 per program

You can ensure your university admission to study in Turkey in English at top Turkish private universities by contacting educational consultants like “Okie Tamam Educational Consultants.” They provide free educational consultations, along with special discounts on tuition fees. They are authorized agents for many Turkish private universities.

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