Study New Media in Turkey

Study New Media in Turkey

University And Program Diversity

Media is considered one of the most enjoyable literary fields, contributing to raising awareness and development in society. It is the specialized field for conveying information, news, and content to the public through various mediums such as newspapers, television, and social media. Therefore, local and international universities are interested in preparing a generation of media experts who can excel in the media field. Many people prefer to study media abroad, especially in Turkey, where the latest educational systems are available, along with specialized professors in preparing leaders in the field of media. Let’s delve into the study of modern media in Turkey, its importance, study requirements, and the costs of studying in the top Turkish universities.

New Media and Media Studies

Students in media colleges learn communication skills and how to address the public through various mediums, including traditional and modern media. This specialization includes studying media concepts, analyzing media channels, designing and producing media content, using technology in media production, journalism ethics, public relations, media marketing, and many other aspects. The details and content of media specialization programs depend on the educational institution chosen by the student. You can learn more about media specialization and see examples of study programs here.

The Importance of Studying New Media in Turkey

Through high-quality academic education and experienced media professors in distinguished Turkish universities, students learn the skills of international journalism and objective event coverage professionally. Media students need to follow political and economic events at both the local and international levels, as they must prepare journalistic reports and discuss them with professors in workshops to train in journalistic and media writing and presentation styles.

Additionally, students in Turkish universities learn how to fact-check, ensure news transparency, and search for news sources while adhering to journalistic ethical standards. Media students train in various locations to acquire the skills of conveying vivid images that tell the story to the audience.

Requirements for Studying New Media in Turkey

Studying at private universities in Turkey typically requires submitting a high school diploma with a moderate academic GPA, usually above 60%. The admission process usually does not require submitting local or international aptitude test scores. Here are the documents required for enrollment:

  • High school diploma (bachelor’s degree) or proof of graduation.
  • Passport.
  • Language proficiency certificate. If not available, students may need to take a language proficiency test.

If applying to a Turkish government university, passing the Turkish university admission exam YÖS is mandatory.

Most universities open application forms for undergraduate studies for the fall semester, starting from April each year until late September. However, this may vary from one university to another. The application period depends on each university’s capacity, so it is advisable to prepare the required documents and apply as early as possible.

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Career Opportunities for Media Graduates

Graduates can work in the following fields:

  • Journalists and editors
  • Critics
  • Media consultants
  • Media professionals
  • Social media experts
  • In online news agencies and digital and social media agencies.
  • In traditional and digital magazines.
  • In television and radio stations

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