Study Pharmacy in Turkey 

Study Pharmacy in Turkey 

University And Program Diversity

The percentage of Arab students studying pharmacy in Turkey has increased in recent years due to the quality of medical education in Turkey. Turkish universities provide all the requirements for studying medical specialties through modern scientific methods. They offer well-equipped laboratories and facilities with the latest technologies, advanced study curricula, and specialized faculty members.

To provide all the necessary information, we will explain the advantages of pharmacy colleges in Turkey and the admission requirements for pharmacy studies in Turkey.

Reasons for Studying Pharmacy in Turkey:

Pharmacy colleges in Turkey, especially those affiliated with private universities, stand out for providing:

  • High-equipped medical laboratories.
  • The latest technological devices and equipment needed for practical training.
  • Practical training in hospitals and university medical centers.
  • Theoretical lectures delivered by highly academic and professional professors.
  • The latest classrooms and study spaces.
  • Internationally recognized and accredited degrees are accepted in Europe and most Arab countries.

Requirements for Studying Pharmacy in Turkey:

The admission requirements for studying pharmacy in Turkey vary depending on the university’s enrollment system:

  1. Turkish Scholarships: Students interested in applying for Turkish Scholarships to study pharmacy or other medical specialties must have a high school GPA of over 90%. The application period for Turkish Scholarships usually starts in January and February each year. You can follow our Facebook page, “Studying in Turkey,” for updates on studying in Turkey and the scholarship application period. You can also apply directly through us, as our team of experienced experts will assist you in the application process.
  2. Public Universities: Students aiming to study in public universities in Turkey need to pass the YÖS (Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı) exam, which assesses their general aptitude. Preparation for this exam typically takes a minimum of three months. The YÖS exam is usually held in Turkish universities from April to June annually. Admission to public universities also requires a high GPA in high school, as universities select students based on their academic records and YÖS scores.

Studying Pharmacy at Private Universities in Turkey:

Private universities in Turkey do not require specific academic scores; a GPA above 60% is generally sufficient. They do not require aptitude tests; only a high school diploma and transcript are needed for admission. You can also benefit from free university admission and exclusive discounts through Ok Tamam for studying pharmacy at Turkish private universities, for which we serve as agents.

Is it Possible to Study Pharmacy in Turkey in English?

Yes, you can study pharmacy in Turkey in English at some private universities that offer the entire program in English. This makes studying and communication more accessible for international students. We recommend verifying the language of instruction before enrolling in a university. Additionally, if you do not have a language proficiency certificate, you may need to take a language proficiency test. If you pass the test, you can start your specialized studies directly. Otherwise, you may be able to attend a language preparatory year offered by universities in Turkey.

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